Learn How to play piano ONLINE

Interested in learning piano online? Disappointed after trying Simply Piano, Skoove and other piano learning apps? With an expert instructor with a Master of Music in Piano Performance and numerous video resources, your learning will be on the right track! All you need is Skype, a good internet connection, and of course- an acoustic or digital piano!

Questions? Send me a message!

Email: onlinepianolearning@gmail.com

 Learning for All Levels of Musicians

I enjoy teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced musicians of all ages!


No music experience? No worries, it’s never too late to start! I will teach you and/or your child how to read and play piano with a proper technique and understanding of music theory. 

Have specific goals? Send me a message and I would love to discuss them with you!


Have you played piano for several years and are looking for new guidance to help you with your playing? I can help! At this point, you have learned a lot so far, but you may have noticed that you still struggle with reading music, or maybe you have some bad habits in your technique that you need to fix in order to get to the next level.  


As an advanced player, you have probably played for many years, most likely since you were a young child. Are you preparing for an advanced RCM exam? Or auditioning for a music program at a university? I would love to help you with this process!

Ready to get started?

Do you have:

1) A Piano/Keyboard (Upright, Grand or Digital)

2) A Laptop, Tablet and/or Smartphone

3) Skype (and stable internet connection!)

Recent Posts

To add to your online lesson experience, I will be posting articles about frequently asked questions and topics that students often need to review. These articles will discuss piano technique, piano interpretation, and music theory, as well as other piano related topics. These articles will be free, but there will soon be more detailed video content that will be available to only registered students. To request a topic, feel free to send it in on the contact page!


Choosing Fingerings & How it Affects Your Technique

Related topics: Fingering, Scales, Finger Legato, Slurs, Phrasing, Hand Position, Interpretation, Stretching, Injury Prevention

Young Beginners

How to Help Your Child Excel at Piano

Related topics:
Daily Practicing, Overcoming obstacles, Communication, Goal Setting, Performances, Talent

Adult Beginners

How to Learn Piano as an Adult

Related topics:
Goal Setting, Short Cuts, Patience, Making Mistakes, Note Reading, Music Theory, Sight Reading Skills

Adult Beginners

What Will I Learn In the First Few Months of Lessons?

Related topics:
Note Reading, Treble & Bass Clef, Hand Position, Fingerings, Intervals, Chords, Chord Progressions, Sight Reading Skills, Music Theory