I would highly recommend Sara to all parents looking for a skilled teacher who makes meaningful connections with her students. My son is in Grade 8 at school, and he definitely prefers to spend his free time with friends or playing video games; however, he always goes to the piano with a cheerful attitude. A true compliment to Sara! He enjoys his lessons, never complains, and tries his best. He has demonstrated enormous progress. Sara is patient and kind and professional, and I would highly Sara to anyone looking for an experienced and competent teacher and musician.

Catharine, Callum's mom

Toronto, ON, Canada

Sara is a gifted musician who loves bringing her audience along on her musical journey. Her engaging personality and training provide students who want to learn to play piano a terrific opportunity.

Belle Hatfield, Hear! Here! Society

Yarmouth, NS, Canada

When our daughter started with Sara, we did not expect her to love playing the piano. We thought that her interest in playing the piano will not last. However, six months later and three piano books after, we are seeing our real progress in our daughter who can now easily read notes and play her level 1 piano songs with ease. We like Sara’s cordial manner of teaching, her unquestionable technical expertise and most specially her patience.

Alaina & John, Parents of Neena (age 6)

Montreal, QC, Canada

Sara is not only an amazing pianist but also the best piano teacher I’ve ever had! She has a huge passion in piano teaching and it is shown in all of her lessons. My piano skills have definitely improved a lot under Sara’s guidance!

Ingrid, age 15 (RCM grade 9, First Class Honours)

London, ON, Canada

Sara is a great instructor. She takes the time to explain things and doesn’t get exasperated when it seems I’m taking a long time to let it all soak in. Glad I found her.

Alan, age 81

Florida, USA